Redmine vs Trac

June 12, 2013

Yeah, yet another article regarding this silent battle and why I choose Trac.

One of the main argument in Redmine’s favour is a multiproject support. Trac doesn’t support it. That’s why my initial decision was to use Redmine. But wait a second… What is a multiproject support? And why it could be necessary?

Different projects involve:

  • different people
  • different repository
  • other technologies
  • other hosting
  • … you can continue yourself

So what benefits could I get by tracking all projects in one place? Only one: less efforts to install new trac environment. And I don’t think you should consider it seriously. Because it’s great to have an opportunity to install the latest version of software, setup only necessary plugins, perform configuration which works best for this particular project.

At the same time Trac is easier to setup. That’s why I’ve concluded to go with Trac.